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Mold Toxicity & The Brain

Mold Toxicity & The Brain

10 Ways Mold Toxins Lead to Brain Symptoms

Mold toxicity is a surprisingly common and important player when it comes to brain related symptoms. You won’t find it mentioned in the research into psychiatric conditions, but those of us who treat mold toxicity will tell you it is a very common root cause of ADHD, anxiety, panic, OCD, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and dementia

It’s not the only cause, but it tends to cause and interact with other causes. It is often the root of the roots.

In this podcast episode, I discuss 10 ways that mold toxins leads to brain symptoms.  

For background information about mold toxicity:


To learn about evidence mold and candida in the brain (of those with neurodegeneration - Alzheimer’s) - 


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Holistic Psychiatry Podcast
Courtney Snyder, MD, is a physician and adult and child holistic, functional and environmental psychiatrist. In this podcast she shares information on the underlying root causes to brain related symptoms, how these roots are evaluated and treated. Her hope with this podcast is to challenge us to look at ourselves, our families, our culture and even our humanity through a different lens - a lens that offers more possibility and more hope. www.courtneysnydermd.com